Starting from Scratch!

Hello! I have finally decided to set this blog up and actually put it to use. My previous blog on Tumblr (which is still available to look at) wasn’t as personal as I expect this blog to be- it mainly entailed me looking at and reblogging cute photos of clothes and shoes and seeing funny, whimsical posts.
Starting to blog is something I’ve been wanting to do for an extremely long time now, but never had the drive to actually go through with it for multiple reasons. For one, I never knew what I could or would post. I sit and read others blogs for hours upon hours about how to craft certain things, how to wear clothes in a certain way, blogs revolved around home decor— I love home decor! These blogs would post about things I knew I could potentially post about myself, but I never found myself to be ‘interesting’ enough to blog. I’m also moderately OCD when it comes to web design (which is why I ended up finding a very cute premade template to use for now). The thought of sitting and designing my own theme and coding it gave me MAJOR anxiety. I knew I wouldn’t be happy until it was perfect! And lastly— I never thought of myself as being the best writer. So I figured if I were to start blogging, I would make a mockery of myself.

You know what the final push to create a blog was? My JOU3109C course at the University of Florida (Go Gators!). We’re required to create a blog for this course, and after sitting and thinking about the amount of hours I myself have spent reading others blogs, I’ve realized that I can do it myself. If not just as good, maybe even better. I don’t even know if they’ll allow me to use this blog for the purpose of the class, but we’ll see.

As a public relations major, it is essential that I become accustomed to writing all kinds of writing. I know that’s a very vague, broad statement, but I feel as if the more I write now and the better I become at it, the less intimidating it will be in the future.

I guess I should probably give some insight as to who I am!

Well, my name is Jillaine. I’m a 19-year-old public relations major at the University of Florida. I’m not entirely sure what kind of public relations I am going to end up getting into but working for a large corporation or a sports organization would be ideal. And while I’ve lived in Florida for 10 years now, I don’t plan on spending the rest of my life here. I have a lot of family and a core group of friends whom I love very dearly. I love to travel, although my travels haven’t gotten me too far (yet!). I’m just a tall girl with curly hair.
I guess I’ll let the blog do the rest of the talking!

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