Now that I’m a student at the University of Florida, it is a lot easier for me to understand why college football games are religion during the fall semester of school. Each year, many people attending the school, alumni and other die-hard fans look forward to the new season of football, especially if you’re a fan of a team that typically does well.

As someone who is a die-hard sports fan who lives and breathes for my own favorite teams (Let’s go Yankees!) I was pretty excited to move to Gainesville and finally get to immerse myself in what is such a big part of college for so many. Before moving to Gainesville, I had never been to a University of Florida football game. I have, however, attended a few of Florida State University’s football games which were amazing, so I couldn’t wait to see what it was like heading to a game at the Swamp. But as many know, game day outfits are just as important to many people attending the game as the game is!

People want to look their best when they go out to support their team. Check out these game day outfit ideas for some inspiration!

Many people prefer those warm game days because there are an abundance of outfit choices to pick from! When you head out to tailgate or to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium for the game, you’ll most likely see a lot of girls wearing a lot of different things. For some women, wearing a simple University of Florida t-shirt and a pair of shorts is suffice. Others prefer to get a bit more dressed up for many reasons!
While this school year has been quite a warm one, there are some years where by November it’s a bit more chilly in Gainesville. On those cooler game days, just grab a pair of jeans and an University of Florida t-shirt and pair that with some cute flats or booties and you’re good to go!

While it’s easy to go around Gainesville looking for regular team apparel or standard-sized women’s clothing in orange and royal blue, it can be extremely difficult finding cute plus-size clothing in the same style and colors. When initially arriving in Gainesville, I decided to go out one day looking for some nice outfits that I could wear to games for the upcoming football season but was ultimately unsuccessful. After looking through stacks and stacks of clothing, I’ve come to the conclusion that shopping online for plus-size orange and blue clothing would be best!






Special thank you to @Polyvore for the neat images I’ve used!