Going on a job interview can be nerve-wracking, especially at this age. While us college students may not care about the local job interviews for jobs to help pay our way through college, we need to remember that we should be treating every interview like it’s important! This is the time we need to really prepare ourselves for the future. Think about it– just like each new job is a new learning experience, so is each new job interview you go on!

It’s really important to look good and appear confident when walking in for an interview. They say not to judge a book by it’s cover, but unfortunately that’s just one of those things that come along with a job interview. 

Remember: Make sure you research the company you’re going to have the interview with.

It’s really important to know what to show up wearing to an interview. Remember, all companies are different. If the company is a bit more casual, make sure you dress business casual. If you’re going for an interview with a company that tends to be a bit fancier with their dress code, make sure you look that way for the interview. And if you don’t know or can’t find that information on the company, keep it professional. Dress nicely. Don’t overdo it but don’t under do it. Doing so will show your future employer that you actually care and it’s a nice addition to an already awesome interview!

Going out and finding  professional clothing in Gainesville may be a bit difficult for curvier women. The Oak’s Mall is definitely the place to head to if you’re in need of some nicer clothes. Looking in stores such as H&M, Belk and Macy’s will probably be the most beneficial.

Making sure you dress appropriately is the key. Employers want someone who can look and act the part. Also, don’t forget to walk in wearing your confidence on your sleeve!