Girly Bathroom Makeover!

Hi everyone! Back in February I got the urge to redecorate. I first thought about doing my bedroom, but was having a hard time finding the decor I wanted and knew that it would be more expensive redecorating my bedroom so I decided to do my bathroom instead!

As you can see the bathroom was pretty dull before redecorating. Before moving to Gainesville I had a vision as to what I wanted my bedroom and bathroom to look like. I had bought a lot of the stuff before coming up here and just thought that my vision would come to life once everything was placed in the rooms… I was wrong. My bedroom turned out nicely, but my bathroom was very boring. Not to be gross, but for someone who has a lot of tummy problems and spends a lot of time in the bathroom I decided the room needed a pick-me-up.
After searching relentlessly through Pinterest, I came across a pin that really sparked my eye and gave me the inspiration necessary for my bathroom! It was from Less-Than-Perfect: Life of Bliss. So happy I came across this page. My roommate and I ran out and bought the Sherwin William’s Diminutive Pink paint and painted the wall adjacent to the bathtub this baby pink color. On Less-Than-Perfect: Life of Bliss’s blog I saw that she put gold foil dots to the ceiling and I had to do the same. I thought it was absolutely adorable. So the next day we went to Hobby Lobby and picked them up. They’re $20 for the package of 22, but I used a coupon and got them for $10. Such a steal. I also managed to find this adorable gold foil pineapple photo that came in a white frame that I grabbed for my bathroom also, which only cost me about $7.

The shower curtain I already owned but I don’t remember where I got it from. I think Home Goods back at home. Same goes for the picture above the toilet that says, “Love, Love, Love,” my laundry basket, my over-the-door towel holder and gold and white desk organizer that I use for my lady products. The light pink trashcan was bought from Amazon. I also keep a small basket with all of my hair product on the back of my toilet. It’s just easy and convenient for me to grab stuff when I’m getting out of the shower.
The mason jars were my roommates. I just bought gold spray paint and now use them for my toothbrush and toothpaste!
The two flamingo pictures I have on my wall I got from Ross. They were a bit pricer than I’d usually pay, but I didn’t want them to disappear (you know how Ross is) so I got them. I was able to get 10 percent off each one though!

Now, personally my favorite part of the entire bathroom are the lights I put around the mirror. I absolutely HATED the light that came in my bathroom. I wouldn’t call it florescent but it really gave me a headache. I didn’t like how there was no frame or anything around the sides of my mirror, so the next day my roommate and I ran to Target and I grabbed some lights to put around the mirror. I decided to go with the yellow color and it worked out great. I also was able to get a little pink bucket to put all of my face products in. It was at the front of the store at the time and was only $3.

Hope you all like it! I want to say it was all done for under $100 and only took two days to do. Have you redecorated recently? Comment below with links to your posts!