Through my eyes: Santa Monica, California

My boyfriend and I decided that for Spring Break 2017, we wanted to take a trip together. We knew that we wanted to go to the west coast, but we could not decide on whether we should go to the San Francisco Bay area or if we should head to Los Angeles. I had already been to San Francisco and neither of us had been to southern California before, so we immediately had our answer.

One of the first stops on our trip was to the Santa Monica Pier. For those of you who don’t know, Santa Monica is a coastal city west of downtown Los Angeles. The pier is a pretty popular tourist attraction and was one of the spots in LA we both wanted to see.
The views on the drive there were crazy, so unreal. I couldn’t take my eyes off of everything.

It was pretty chilly the day we went, which we both weren’t expecting. But the pier was still beautiful nonetheless. Santa Monica seemed to be a great city to head to if you wanted to take a few hours and get out of that busy Hollywood scene, and just relax. Despite the chilly weather, there were still tons of people walking, jogging, and biking around.

This was the original Muscle Beach. Muscle Beach is now currently located along the Venice Beach boardwalk, which is about a mile or so away.

The pier was smaller then I had imagined, yet still very interesting. There were a bunch of cute little shops all along the pier, some of which led up to the amusement park. There were also a handful of performers which were really cool to stop and see. It almost reminded me of Long Beach boardwalk in New York during certain times of the year, except a lot cooler. There was a really cool burger shop somewhere along the pier that we decided to stop and eat at called Pier Burger.

We got there mid-day towards the evening, which was pretty cool because we got to see the sunset as we walked along the pier. It was honestly like nothing I’ve ever seen before, especially living in Florida.
I would definitely recommend checking out Santa Monica and the Santa Monica pier when traveling to the greater Los Angeles area. The next time I’m in L.A., I want to spend more time in the city of Santa Monica.