Lunch: Roasted Veggie Power Bowl

I am so excited to share this one with you guys because it is absolutely delicious. The roasted veggie power bowl is also apart of the Fit Girl’s Challenge, specifically apart of the meal plan for week one.

This week’s lunch recipe is a roasted veggie power bowl. This was one of the recipes in the manual that I was most excited for. It kind of encompasses what I’d already make myself for lunch and dinner sometimes (I would use white rice though and prepped my protein differently). The recipe calls for:

1/3 cup brown rice

2T of your favorite humus

1 cup roasted veggies

3T canned black beans

your choice of spices

handful of steamed kale

hot sauce (optional)

1 serving Fit Girl’s choice of protein

I’m not going to lie, this one was a little time-consuming to prep. There were a lot of small things to do, but if you did decide to purchase the manual they provide you with a “busy girl” alternative if you don’t have the time to stand and cook. My roommate was helping me prep this. About a year and a half ago she decided that she was going to completely change her life (which she did) and lost over 50 pounds. She’s been extremely helpful with all of this, which is great because it helps keep me motivated! As I was prepping this I kept nibbling at the food because it was so yummy!

Just like all of the other recipes in the Fit Girl’s Challenge manual, there were alternatives for this recipe. I pretty much followed this to a T, but I did choose my own veggies. In a few days when I prep this for the rest of the week I plan on sautéing a sweet potato to throw in instead of using brown rice. What do you think of this roasted veggie power bowl? Is this something you’d eat?




P.S. I’m sorry I don’t have photos of the entire process, when I was prepping it was pretty late and I was out of it. I promise that for future recipes I will include photos of the ingredients and the steps.