5 items I cannot travel without

March of 2017 was exciting for me. I was able to check out some new cities in Florida, as well as travel some new cities outside of the state. Prior to these trips I hadn’t been on a plane since December of 2015 when I went to New York on Christmas and surprised some of my family. Before coming to UF, I traveled a lot more throughout the U.S. These past few trips I’ve been on made me realize how much I love and miss traveling. In hopes that I will be using these tips for myself sometime soon (a girl can dream), I have put together a list of five items I cannot travel without.

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4 Ways to Turn a Bad Day Around

For some, bad days come few and far between, but for me, living with anxiety can sometimes cause my good days to turn bad really fast. Let’s face it, bad days suck, but it’s okay to not always be okay. Whenever I’m having an off day, I usually do a couple of things to try to get myself into a better mood and a better state of mind. A lot of the time these methods help, and sometimes they don’t, but hey, you win some you lose some. If you want to find out about some of the things I do to make myself feel better on a bad day, keep reading.

Through my eyes: Santa Monica, California

My boyfriend and I decided that for Spring Break 2017, we wanted to take a trip together. We knew that we wanted to go to the west coast, but we could not decide on whether we should go to the San Francisco Bay area or if we should head to Los Angeles. I had already been to San Francisco and neither of us had been to southern California before, so we immediately had our answer.

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