Through my eyes: Santa Monica, California

My boyfriend and I decided that for Spring Break 2017, we wanted to take a trip together. We knew that we wanted to go to the west coast, but we could not decide on whether we should go to the San Francisco Bay area or if we should head to Los Angeles. I had already been to San Francisco and neither of us had been to southern California before, so we immediately had our answer.

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VIC3001 Introduction Video

Hi everyone! I had to do a quick little introduction video for my Sight, Sound & Motion course here at the University of Florida this summer. I figured I should post it here on my blog as well because we were required to upload it to YouTube and I think I have decided that I am going to start making YouTube videos! I think it would be something fun that I would enjoy doing.

If you have any video suggestions or things you’d like to see me upload, please let me know!


Happy Wednesday! I have always wanted to do a fun “What’s in My Bag” post or video on Youtube but didn’t actually start carrying large purses until recently (and when I say recently, I mean within the past few years). When I was younger I would typically just carry my phone and money in hand or I’d grab a Vera Bradley lanyard and ID case and shove everything in there. More recently, I’ve been known as the “bag lady.” I’m the friend who always has a purse with me regardless of where we’re going.


Purse: The purse is a Kate Spade Newbury Lane Loden. I had been eyeing this purse for quite some time before purchasing it in October when Kate Spade was having one of their surprise sales. I typically go for larger bags but thought this one was absolutely beautiful.


While I frequently change which purse I’m using, the stuff inside usually remains about the same. I rotate a lot of this stuff between purses and my backpack (which I use to walk around campus and for class).

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