Going on a job interview can be nerve-wracking, especially at this age. While us college students may not care about the local job interviews for jobs to help pay our way through college, we need to remember that we should be treating every interview like it’s important! This is the time we need to really prepare ourselves for the future. Think about it– just like each new job is a new learning experience, so is each new job interview you go on!

It’s really important to look good and appear confident when walking in for an interview. They say not to judge a book by it’s cover, but unfortunately that’s just one of those things that come along with a job interview. 

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Deciding what to wear to class every day can become exhausting, let me tell you! Each individual on the college campus brings something unique to the campus in the way they present themselves on a daily basis.
Students at the University of Florida tend to be very school spirited. When walking through campus you will notice that most people you pass by are wearing Gator apparel in one form or another. Gator apparel comes in very handy when you’re trying to roll out of bed and head straight to class while still looking cute! Depending on where your college campus is located and how the weather is, grab your favorite school shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers. Whether you like to dress up or dress down, here are some ideas you can use to plan your daily outfits!

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Now that I’m a student at the University of Florida, it is a lot easier for me to understand why college football games are religion during the fall semester of school. Each year, many people attending the school, alumni and other die-hard fans look forward to the new season of football, especially if you’re a fan of a team that typically does well.

As someone who is a die-hard sports fan who lives and breathes for my own favorite teams (Let’s go Yankees!) I was pretty excited to move to Gainesville and finally get to immerse myself in what is such a big part of college for so many. Before moving to Gainesville, I had never been to a University of Florida football game. I have, however, attended a few of Florida State University’s football games which were amazing, so I couldn’t wait to see what it was like heading to a game at the Swamp. But as many know, game day outfits are just as important to many people attending the game as the game is!

People want to look their best when they go out to support their team. Check out these game day outfit ideas for some inspiration!

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Shopping Guide for Plus-Size Clothing!

I have always had a problem where my clothing size was on the cusp between standard sizes and plus sizes and clothes shopping can be quite difficult for bigger/curvier women in the Gainesville area. It’s easy to run into issues such as, “Oh, you need a size 14 dress? We have a 12 or a 16. Maybe one of those will fit,” or running into issues with standard size clothing not fitting correctly in the bust, arms, waist or pant length areas. Throughout my time in high school I would constantly wear oversized clothing because it was extremely difficult to find clothing that fit just right!

Many standard size clothing stops at a size 12 or 14 and many plus-size clothing brands or departments in stores start at a size 14, but as stated earlier, there’s a huge difference in the way the way the two size 14s are designed, especially when you are one of those women on the cusp. Living in a smaller town such as Gainesville makes it that much harder to find cute affordable clothing that looks good. If you head to the local mall, the Oaks Mall, you’ll be able to find a couple of stores that have departments that cater to full-figured women. The issue I’ve found is that such departments are extremely tiny in stores like Forever 21 and H&M. You could head to stores like Belk but you’ll run into the problem of not being able to find clothing in your size that is “trendy” for young adults. There are also a few small boutique-type retail stores, such as Francesca’s or Blu Spero, but a lot of the clothing in these stores don’t have the sizes necessary. Forever 21+ was recently added to the Forever 21 in the Oak’s Mall so that would be a great place to check out.

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DIY Plus-Size Halloween Costume Ideas

Happy October 1st! As we all know, Halloween is coming up very soon! Now if you’re anything like me, you’re probably running around looking for a costume to wear on this fun holiday. And while costume shopping can be fun, it can be extremely frustrating as a plus size woman! Especially in a small town like Gainesville. A lot of costume stores don’t cater to full figured women and the costumes they do make in larger sizes tend to fit awkwardly.

Due to the limited quantity of plus-sized Halloween costumes many costume stores hold, I figured that it would be the perfect time to think of some DIY Halloween costumes! Creating your own costume is a great way to create the look you desire for your costume while still looking cute and comfy! (And if you head to Claire’s or stores similar a few days before or even on Halloween the items will be at a discounted price!)
Pick your favorite Disney character and make an outfit that resembles their own! While this may seem difficult, it’s a lot easier then you’d think. Dressing up as Snow White would be the easiest in comparison to the other Disney princesses. The costume doesn’t require much and some of it you might even already have in your closet! What you’ll need is a yellow skirt, a royal blue top (or royal blue dress that is shorter than the skirt), red pumps and a red bow. And if you want to really play the part of Snow White, you can grab an apple to bring along with you also!